Friday, September 17, 2010

A Muse "Stick to the Pattern" Challenge Round-up

Do you remember these thank you cards I made for my two best buds?

I also submitted them for the A Muse Challenge in the Lounge last month and they made it into the Top 9 Round-up on the A Muse blog!  Yippeee!!!! There were so many great card ideas and many entries from both newbies and regulars...I totally didn't think I'd stand a chance! I was so excited when I saw mine in the round-up! Both my two friends, Barb and Maria, loved them and I'm glad they were enjoyed by others as well!

Just wanted to share news and stay tuned for some new creations soon! Home base has been busy now that school has started!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pretty Coach Purse

Oh, how yummy is this Coach Purse?!

Just look at how colorful the pretty patterns and texture are on this beauty! Pink, brown, green, metallic gold...those are sooo my colors! But alas, this gem is not mine...she belongs to my crafty girlfriend, Barbara. She has the coolest collection of stylish purses! One day when we were hanging out at her house, she showed me the purse and after drooling over it, I said that it was a total card inspiration. I told her she so had to make a card from it.

This is what Barb gave me for my stunning is this card! I felt so honored that she took the time to craft this just for me! The picture doesn't do it any justice, I quickly snapped it with her purse when I was at her house. I love all the patterned paper Barb used to layer the different strips on the card! I could tell she had put a lot of thought in coordinating all the papers together like the purse.

I didn't notice the flower on the card was the cute flower charm chained on the purse until I compared both items side by side. I told Barb she better keep a close eye on her cutie Coach tote when I'm over to visit or else it might walk out the door with me...hee hee! Maybe that's why she made me the card!

Thanks a bunch Barb for the gorgeous card! I'm so lucky to have a close group of talented and generous crafty gals that I call my best friends!


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